Raw-Frozen Northern Shrimp (pandalus borealis) Vladivostok
Raw-Frozen Northern Shrimp (pandalus borealis) Vladivostok - photo 1 Raw-Frozen Northern Shrimp (pandalus borealis) Vladivostok - photo 2

Raw-Frozen Northern Shrimp (pandalus borealis) Vladivostok

up to $ 11 /kilogram, min. 22000 kg  wholesale
Delivery terms: CIF Busan, South Korea
Аносов Константин, руководитель отдела продаж
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Dear partners,
Our company offers for delivery the following products :

- Raw frozen shrimp pandalus borealis. Available in Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Russia.

Quantity: 96.264 kg

Place of catch: North Okhotsk subzone

Date of produced: August-September 2017.

Sizes :
3L 45-49 pieces/kg 9684 kg
2L 50-55 pieces/kg 20652 kg
LA 56-65 pieces/kg 55428 kg
L 66-74 pieces/kg 2820 kg
M 75-85 pieces/kg 1932 kg
S 85-95 pieces/kg 1260 kg

Special conditions for customers: In the event of a contract, we will pay for your flight and accommodation for the duration of the contract in Vladivostok.

Offer with your comission: At the moment, we are very actively looking for a buyer for our volume of 96 tons, because our recent partner declined the deal. If you can advise the interested buyer or you are ready to act as an intermediary in the sale transaction, we are ready to pay you a commission of $ 17,000 at a time. We respect our partners, therefore we guarantee you the payment of the commission, in case of a successful transaction. In addition, we have good conditions: we pay for the flight and accommodation of customers in Vladivostok, as well as we can pay your expenses and we also invite you to conclude a contract.

We would like to close the sale of shrimp until the end of December. And we will be very grateful for help in finding a buyer.

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